Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Wireless Adapter with Streaming Service Support (2024 Edition) for $99

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Wireless Adapter with Streaming Service Support (2024 Edition) for $99
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Enhance Your Driving Experience With Seamless Wireless Connectivity

Enjoy wireless CarPlay and Android Auto functionality in your vehicle, featuring Qualcomm's powerful QCM2290 chipset. Benefit from dual Bluetooth technology for versatile device connectivity, alongside robust 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi support for high-speed internet access. With 16GB of storage, pre-installed apps like YouTube and Netflix, and TF card compatibility for offline videos, stay entertained on the road. Compatible with 800+ car models from 2016-present, this adapter is your ultimate in-car connectivity solution. Unlock the potential of your car and smartphone today!


Modern operating system & app management

  • Qualcomm QCM2290: For robust performance
  • Android 11.0: Provides a modern & adaptable platform with access to the latest features & apps
  • 16GB of Storage: Offers ample storage capacity for smooth operation
  • Pre-installed apps: Comes with pre-loaded apps such as YouTube & Netflix for instant access to online video content

Stable, convenient & enhanced connectivity

  • Wi-Fi 2.4G+5G: Ensures reliable & high-speed wireless connectivity
  • Dual Bluetooth technology: Offers enhanced connectivity with multiple devices simultaneously
  • Supports TF card: For expanded storage (not included)
  • USB-A to USB-A Tee cable: Enhances convenience & functionality

Wide compatibility

  • Universal compatibility: Designed to be compatible with over 800 different car models
  • iOS & Android compatible: works seamlessly with iPhones & Android phones catering to a wide range of smartphone users


  • Not applicable to cars with wireless CarPlay, such as BMW, Tesla, Mazda, and some Nissan models
  • SD card is NOT included



  • Color: black
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB 
  • Dual Bluetooth: 4.2 + 5.0
  • Wi-Fi: 2.4G + 5G
  • CPU: Quad-core Qualcomm 2290 
  • Pre-installed video apps: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Store, etc.
  • Supports SD cards (not included)
  • Adapts to car's screen resolution
  • Plug and Play
  • Wide compatibility 
  • Manufacturer’s 30-day warranty


  • Vehicle
    • Compatible with 98% of car models 2016-present with OEM wired CarPlay and touchscreen
    • May not work with cars that have built in wireless CarPlay/Android Auto support as well as select BMW, Tesla, Mazda and Nissan models.
  • Smartphone
    • iOS 10 or above
    • Android 11 or above



  • CarPlay & Android Auto Wireless Adapter with Streaming App Support
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • USB-A to USB-A Tee Cable
  • Product Manual

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Skill Success: Lifetime Membership for $99

Skill Success: Lifetime Membership for $99
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Expires January 01, 2025 06:00 PST
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Skill Success Lifetime membership gives you access to over 4,000 online video courses from hundreds of the top experts around the world. With a wide range of topics to choose from, you’ll never run out of things to learn! Learn new skills from our expansive course library with topics such as Languages, Business, Technology, Meditation, Cooking, Music, and everything in between. See all of the courses included in this membership here.

As featured on CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, PCMag, and Mashable

  • Learning simplified. We've done the heavy lifting finding the best instructors & organizing the best courses to make learning simple and easy so all you need to do is show up

  • Ever-growing learning resource. We never stop adding new courses to our catalog & our dedicated content team searches the world to find the best instructors to teach you

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime on any device. Learn on a schedule that works for you. All you need is an internet connection and you can access any of our course videos

  • Gamified learning. As you delve into your chosen subject, you'll have the opportunity to earn captivating badges that showcase your progress and achievements. These shareable badges not only make the learning journey visually appealing but also allow you to proudly display your accomplishments across your social platforms

The best part? You will never have to pay for a single course ever again!

What's Included with Lifetime Membership
  • Over 4,000 online video courses totaling over 100,000 video lessons to help you build just about any skill you want
  • Unlimited Certificates of Completion
  • Never pay for a single course again
  • Gamified Learning: Unlock cool badges as you learn a new skill


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner
  • Certificate of Completion ONLY
  • Have questions on how digital purchases work? Learn more here


  • Any device with basic specifications


SkillSuccess | 4,000+ carefully curated online video courses
As featured on CNN, Entrepreneur, Mashable, CNET, TechRadar, and more!

Skill Success plays a pivotal role in empowering individuals to take charge of their professional and personal growth. By providing a diverse range of courses and resources, Skill Success enables people to develop essential skills that not only propel their careers forward but also contribute to their overall personal development. Whether through acquiring new technical abilities or honing soft skills, Skill Success fosters a learning environment that equips individuals with the tools they need to excel and thrive in their chosen endeavors.

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CHAT+ Communication Multipoint Headset for $99

CHAT+ Communication Multipoint Headset for $99
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Expires May 01, 2124 07:59 PST
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Chat+ Delivers Directional Audio with Noise-Cancelling Boom Mic

Take your work experience with Chat+. Featuring our directional audio technology, Chat+ sits on the outside of your ears, directing premium audio to your inner ears while also keeping your ears open to your environment. Chat+ is equipped with a flexible ENC boom microphone that cancels out unwanted background noise and enhances voice pick-up for crystal-clear calls.


So whether you're on the go or in back-to-back meetings, Chat+ is engineered for your needs to keep you focused on the tasks at hand.


  • Open-ear listening: Rests outside your ears & utilizes directional audio technology to send sound waves toward your inner ears
  • Long-term comfort: Pain-free listening experience with nothing in your ears
  • Secure fit: Ergonomic design loops over the ear, ensuring your headphones stay put
  • Hear your surroundings: Listen to music, while also being safe & aware of the world around you
  • Noise-canceling ENC boom microphone: Delivers crystal-clear calls & filters out unwanted background noise
  • IPX5 water resistance: Rain or shine — Chat+ was designed to stay protected against moisture & debris
  • Lightweight titanium frame: Loops over your ears & stays put for comfortable all-day use
  • 6-hour battery: Long-lasting battery for music & calls

What is directional audio technology?

Directional Audio Technology delivers enhanced panoramic sound via air conduction. Chat+ directs the sound waves towards your ears, maximizing sound to you, while minimizing the sound that others can hear.



  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: 2.3" x 6.1" x 5.5"
  • Weight: 29g
  • Speaker type: directional audio
  • Bluetooth: 5.3
  • Microphone: ENC Boom Mic
  • Single-use battery life: 6 hours
  • Standby time: 288 hours
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Waterproof rating: IPX5
  • Wireless range: 33ft
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty



  • CHAT+ Communication Multipoint Headset
  • Magnetic USB charging cable
  • Ear plugs

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STORI AI Essential Plan: 5-Year Subscription for $149

STORI AI Essential Plan: 5-Year Subscription for $149
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Expires July 29, 2024 06:59 PST
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STORI AI: Your All-in-One Brand Automation Platform

In today's digital world, your brand's story is more than just a narrative; it's the heartbeat of your business. But in the hustle of managing multiple social media channels, content creation, and brand consistency, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often find themselves lost in translation. That's where STORI comes in - an AI-powered brand automation platform designed to transform the way you craft, share, and manage your brand's story.


STORI AI was a runner up for Marketing & Sales in 2023 STORI AI was ranked monthly #4 for August 7th, 2023 STORI AI was ranked weekly #1 for August 7th, 2023


Every business strives to be memorable, but achieving a consistent brand voice and managing it over time can be a complex, resource-intensive process. Currently, SMBs juggle at least six different tools and coordinate across multiple stakeholders to maintain brand consistency. This not only takes time but also costs money, leading to a fragmented and inconsistent brand narrative. STORI simplifies this process, empowering you to create, plan, and publish branded content across all your social media platforms with ease and efficiency.

Features designed with your brand in mind

  • AI-Driven Content Creation: Generate engaging content tailored to your brand's voice across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent identity.
  • Automated Branding Tools: Let STORI suggest logos, colors, and even AI-generated mission, vision, and values that resonate with your brand's essence.
  • Visual Content at Your Fingertips: Automatically generate images, pictures, and infographics that align with your content, saving you hours of design work.
  • Seamless Social Media Integration: Quickly create and schedule posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and X, ensuring your message resonates with your audience on each platform.
  • Effortless Collaboration: Invite team members and external contributors to collaborate, making the creation of on-brand assets a breeze.
  • Content Calendar: Use our intuitive content calendar to schedule and publish your content across multiple social media accounts without ever leaving the platform.

Your competitive edge with STORI

STORI isn't just another tool in your arsenal; it's your competitive edge. Our AI isn't designed to replace creativity; it's here to enhance it by filling in any gaps in your team's competency. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a growing business, STORI organizes all things marketing, brand, content, collaboration, and publishing into one cohesive environment. As you invite more people to collaborate, STORI helps you grow your reach and bring in new customers through the power of shared experiences.

Transforming challenges into opportunities

Before STORI, SMBs struggled to maintain a consistent brand identity, often leading to a misuse of resources and content that failed to engage their audience. Now, STORI transforms these challenges into opportunities, enabling you to:

  • Establish and maintain a consistent brand narrative across all channels.
  • Save time and resources by automating content creation and scheduling.
  • Foster collaboration among team members and external partners.
  • Enhance your brand's visibility and engagement through tailored content.

Who can benefit from STORI?

Whether you're Branding Bella, looking to enhance your personal brand with efficiency and automation, Social Sam, managing the social presence of various clients, or Content Carla, streamlining content creation and management, STORI is built for you. Our platform is designed for:

  • Entrepreneurs and SMBs seeking to establish a strong online presence.
  • Social media managers in need of a centralized workspace for managing multiple accounts.
  • Content creators looking for efficient tools to streamline their workflow.
  • Marketing teams aiming to maintain brand consistency across all digital platforms.


Unleash the power of your brand with STORI

In 2024, building your brand identity from scratch is as outdated as making a chocolate bar without cocoa. STORI provides everything you need to create a unique brand identity and generate content that connects with your audience across different social channels. With STORI, you're not just telling your brand's story; you're elevating it.



Join the revolution and unleash the full potential of your brand with STORI. It's time to raise your voice and let the world hear your story.


NOTE: This is available to new users ONLY.


System Requirements

  • Any modern browser


Important Details

  • Length of access: 5 years
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Access options: desktop
  • Only available to new users
  • Updates included
  • Have questions on how digital purchases work? Learn more here

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The All-in-One AdGuard Bundle: 5-Year Subscription for $59

The All-in-One AdGuard Bundle: 5-Year Subscription for $59
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Expires April 27, 2124 07:59 PST
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AdGuard VPN


AdGuard VPN — the ultimate shield for your online privacy

In the digital age where internet privacy is paramount, AdGuard VPN emerges as an essential tool. This virtual private network (VPN) is your encrypted gateway to the internet, helping your data stay secure and your online activities remain private, regardless of your location. More than just a privacy tool, AdGuard VPN is a robust solution packed with features that cater to a variety of internet needs.

Why AdGuard VPN subscription deal over other VPNs:

  • Exhaustive List of Locations: With 60+ locations available worldwide, you have the freedom to connect from anywhere you want, effectively bypassing geographically restricted content. Check complete list of servers here.
  • Advanced Security Protocol: AdGuard VPN uses its own security protocol, guaranteeing a faster and safer VPN connection. This means you can browse, stream, and download with peace of mind knowing your data is secure.
  • Zero-Logging Policy: Rest assured, your personal data is not collected and your internet traffic stays private at all times, thanks to AdGuard's strict zero-logging policy.
  • Simultaneous Connections: Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, providing protection for all your devices under just one account.
  • Trusted Developer: AdGuard is a renowned name in the world of computer security, bringing their expertise and commitment to privacy and security to their VPN service.

What you get with your subscription deal:

  • Simultaneous connection on up to 10 devices.
  • Access to servers in all locations.
  • Light-speed servers for uninterrupted browsing.
  • Unlimited data for endless streaming and downloading.
  • No logs policy to ensure your data stays private.
  • Available on all platforms, including iOS, Android, and Google Chrome.

AdGuard Reviews

  • 4.4/5 stars on Google Play: ★ ★ ★ ★
  • 4.6/5 stars on Apple Store: ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Google Chrome: "The best free solution for your online security from the creators of a famous ad blocker."
  • Featured on USA Today, Forbes, Newsweek, The Guardian, and MacWorld.

NOTE: AdGuard may not function optimally in China.


Exceptional Deal Alert: Enjoy this exceptional deal of a 5-year subscription to AdGuard VPN, a service that guarantees the protection of your online privacy without breaking your budget. This is an offer that blends quality with value, ensuring you get the most out of your money.



System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista SP2 (Web-based only)
  • macOS X 10.15 (64-bit) or higher (Web-based only)
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • iOS 11.2 or higher


Important Details

  • Length of access: 5 years
  • This plan is only available to new users
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Device per license: 10
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Updates included
  • Have questions on how digital purchases work? Learn more here

Adguard Ad Blocker


NOTE: This plan is only available to NEW users


Introducing AdGuard, The World's Leading Ad Blocking System

This comprehensive application software offers more than just ad-blocking. Powered by advanced computing and digital technology, AdGuard is your shield in the vast cyberspace, offering superior protection against malware attacks, intrusive ads, and cybercrime, while also providing robust parental controls.


AdGuard is the product of innovative computer engineering, designed to provide optimal user experience on the World Wide Web. Its system software has been highly rated across various platforms, with impressive reviews on G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot. It's compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows 10, iOS, and Android, making it a versatile choice for both mobile computers and desktops.

How Can AdGuard Help Keep You Safe Online?

  • Advanced Ad Blocking: Say goodbye to annoying banners, pop-ups and video ads. AdGuard's cutting-edge technology ensures a clean and smooth browsing experience.
  • Privacy Protection: AdGuard's software engineering protects your data from a multitude of trackers and activity analyzers that swarm the web, ensuring your online activities remain private.
  • Malware Protection: Safeguard your digital media and information technology from fraudulent websites, phishing attempts, and malware attacks.
  • Parental Control: AdGuard's robust parental control feature lets you restrict your children from accessing inappropriate and adult content, ensuring a safe digital environment.
  • Wide Compatibility: Whether you're using a smartphone or a computer, AdGuard has you covered. It's compatible with a range of operating systems, including Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

Is AdGuard Worth It For The Whole Family?

The best part? This is a lifetime subscription. With a one-time payment, you get lifelong access to all of these amazing features. It's a high-value investment in your digital safety and sanity.



  • 4.6/5 stars on G2: ★ ★ ★ ★
  • 4.5/5 stars on Capterra: ★ ★ ★ ★
  • 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot: ★ ★ ★ ★


Exceptional Deal Alert: With AdGuard, quality and value go hand-in-hand. This outstanding offer gives you lifetime access to top-tier ad-blocking and online protection services without breaking your bank. It's a deal you won't find on any other reputable sites.


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
  • OS X 10.10 (64 bit) or higher
  • iOS 10.0 or later
  • Android 5.0 or higher


Important Details

  • Personal Plan
  • Length of access: 5 years
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Max number of devices: 3
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Software version: AdGuard Personal
  • Updates included
  • Have questions on how digital purchases work? Learn more here

Adguard DNS


AdGuard DNS — Your Privacy Protection Center

AdGuard DNS is a powerful ad-block DNS server that enhances your web browsing experience. Control all web traffic on your devices and block unwanted ads, trackers, and malicious domains. This privacy-oriented DNS server is a reliable alternative to your current DNS provider and helps make the Internet safe for everyone at home or work. With AdGuard DNS, also enjoy the ability to block ads, trackers, and analytics systems for any website or app. Say goodbye to intrusive ads and unwanted trackers and enjoy a faster and safer web browsing experience with AdGuard DNS.


Ad Blocking

  • AdGuard DNS uses powerful filters to eliminate ads & trackers on every connected device
  • Allows you to use default filters, block domains manually, or do both

Parental Control

  • Keep your children safe online
  • Shield your kids from adult content on websites, search results, or YouTube
  • Gain full control over which sites should be blocked & when

Stat at Your Fingertips

  • Get real-time stats on DNS requests of all devices
  • View stats by date, country, or device, or switch to a bird's eye view
  • Activate & edit DNS filters for each device anytime

Customized Filtering

  • Decide which domains should be blocked or allowed on each of your devices
  • Connect your computer, smartphone, tablet, or router & manage their DNS queries as you see fit


What is a DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Think of it as an "address book" of the Internet: your browsers and apps use it to translate domain names that make no sense to them into IP addresses that they can understand.

How AdGuard DNS works

  1. Once you connect your device to AdGuard DNS, it will automatically start & protect you from any malicious attacks
  2. AdGuard DNS resolves IP for every URL you visit
  3. AdGuard DNS blocks harmful sites, defends from ads, tracking, and phishing attempts for secure browsing
  4. The dashboard tracks device domains, enabling swift blocking of unwanted sites for seamless control


  • 4.7/5 rating on Product Hunt: ★ ★ ★ ★
  • 4.5/5 rating on Capterra: ★ ★ ★ ★
  • 4.4/5 rating on Trustpilot: ★ ★ ★ ★  ★


System Requirements

  • Any device with internet access


Important Details

  • Length of access: 5 years
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Max number of device(s): 20
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Updates included
  • Have questions on how digital purchases work? Learn more here

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Autio Unlimited Plan for $39

Autio Unlimited Plan for $39
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Expires July 25, 2024 06:59 PST
Buy now and get 42% off


Autio, Your Personal Travel Companion with Location-Based Audio Stories

Autio is a network of stories, told by master storytellers like Kevin Costner, Phil Jackson, and John Lithgow, with the power to bring the landscape, its people, and its history alive as you pass through it.


Professionally edited and narrated, the audio vignettes combine to paint a picture you’re unlikely to get from a history book or visitor’s guide.


Nearby stories automatically play at the perfect time to answer the questions we all wonder as the odometer turns:

“I wonder how this town came to be?”

“Who was that mountain peak named after?”

“Who were the first people to live in this area?”


Each pin offers an answer, and often to a question one doesn’t think to ask. Story subjects include history, sports, culture, music, geology, pretty much everything you can think of. Listen to the places, people, and events you’re seeing out your window. Educational? Sure. Entertaining? Absolutely.


Take your journey to the next level with 23,000+ location-based audio stories

  • Focus on the road: Nearby stories play automatically, so you can keep your eyes on what matters
  • Offline mode: Download stories from even the most remote, off-grid travel
  • New stories weekly: Stories are updated & added every week, so no two journeys are ever the same
  • 23,000 stories & counting: Browse stories nearby or explore destinations across the US. Explore map here
  • Perfect companion: While originally created for road trips, you can listen to stories while doing errands or chores at home

How does Autio work?

Autio uses your location to notify you of nearby audio stories. Once you begin playing stories, Autio will continue playing nearby stories as your location changes. Stories are typically 3-5 minutes long. Here’s a video with more details on using the Autio App.

What you get

  • A 3-year, unlimited streaming plan of Autio's entire library of location-based stories.
  • Non-renewing membership for iOS or Android.



Autio in the press

"Kevin Costner's new app narrates your trip. We gave it a road test"
"Kevin Costner's Epic Road Trip at 18 Led to a Lifetime of Storytelling"
"Let Kevin Costner Guide Your Family's Next Road Trip with New App"


Autio | Our Story

Autio is a network of stories, told by master storytellers like Kevin Costner, Phil Jackson, and John Lithgow, with the power to bring the landscape, its people, and its history alive as you pass through it.

Professionally edited and narrated, the audio vignettes combine to paint a picture you’re unlikely to get from a history book or visitor’s guide.


System Requirements

  • iOS 13 or later
  • Android 8 or later


Important Details

  • Length of access: 3 years
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Access options: mobile
  • Max number of device(s): 3
  • Version: 1.0.71
  • Updates included
  • All transactions are final. If technical problems prevent or unreasonably delay delivery, your exclusive and sole remedy is refund of the price paid, as determined by Autio. From time to time, Autio may suspend or cancel payment or refuse a refund request

  • Have questions on how digital purchases work? Learn more here

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